Serpent Trail - 100k Info

Serpent Trail 100k Ultra Marathon route information

 The Serpent Trail 100k running race starts on Haslemere high street at 6am on Saturday 7th July 2018.

- Coach transport will leave the race venue / finish at Petersfield Rugby Club at 5.20am.  It is your responsibility to be on the bus as it will be leaving promptly to take you to the race start.

Registration is where you will receive your race number, drop bags, event T-Shirt and Serpent Trail guide booklet with useful phone numbers.  This is at the venue and is open from 5pm - 10pm on Friday and 4.30 am - 5 am on race day. 

Race Briefing will be at 5am, after close of registration.

- 2 drop bags are available during the 100k race, at roughly one third and two thirds of the total distance.  You will be given your 2 drop bags when you register - when you have packed them please put them in the correct pile to go with the other bags. They will be brought back to registration for you to collect after the race.  They are essentially tough bin bags, as a guide for size of bag to expect.  They will be brought back to the finish line when the crew are able.

- Kit List for this race has been planned to help create a fast race through a relatively straightforward landscape in summertime.  Familiarise yourself with the mandatory kit required, the kit that you will carry with you and the kit in your drop bags; give thought to how you will pack it and what will be available to you during the race.  

- Use of Poles is fine and allowed in this race.  Be aware of other users and considerate / courteous with your poles.

Music is allowed but take headphones out / turn it off when at or on roads and be aware of other users on the Trail and other runners.

Pacers are allowed to run alongside you from the town of Petworth.  This is roughly halfway in the race and has good parking and transport links to pick the car up later.  The Serpent Trail passes alongside the main council car park (pay and display) in the town so this is the ideal spot to join.

You can only have one pacer with you at a time but can have as many swapping over to run with you as you wish.  Pacers are not allowed to carry your kit or race pack and will need to be self sufficient, apart from being able to take water from the Midhurst CP, halfway through the allowed 30 mile pacing distance.

Support Crew are allowed to follow you and supply you with food and drink in addition to race checkpoint supplies.  We ask that they do not come to the checkpoint locations but meet you elsewhere.

Cut Off for the 100k is midnight Saturday night.  This gives 18 hours to complete.  There are 2 checkpoints with cut off times that you need to LEAVE by.  They are 13 hours for 40 miles at the Lords Piece CP and 16 hours for 51 miles at Midhurst CP.  We will enforce the cut off times and those not continuing will be transported back to Petersfield.

- The Venue has camping available on the Friday and Saturday nights, plenty of parking and changing and shower facilities open all weekend.  Consider camping after and/or before the race to make a weekend of it but especially after, to be rested before driving away from Petersfield afterwards.

Arrival & Departure  The venue opens at 5 pm on Friday evening and closes for the event at midday on Sunday.

 - Checkpoints will have water, squash, coke and a good mixture of sweet and savoury snacks such as sandwiches, cheese, crisps, pretzels, cake, chocolate, sweets, bananas, watermelon/oranges, nuts etc. 

The 100k is CUPLESS - read HERE for detail plus link to example of a perfect lightweight, folding cup to bring with you for the race.

These are the Checkpoint locations, please make sure any support crews do not meet you at checkpoints but elsewhere along the route.  To help you plan your drop bags and food and drink etc the distance between CP's can be viewed HERE

- 1 - Linchmere Common 

- 2 - Borden - (drop bag CP)

- 3 - Upperton Common

- 4 - Lords Piece - (drop bag CP)

- 5 - Grafham Common 

- 6 - Midhurst 

- 7 - Dumpford 

- 8 - Durford Mill (water only)

- Route Map for the 100k race is HERE and downloadable GPX FILE HERE   ----  (We recommend having a gps device as backup whilst you are running - many running watches allow you to upload the route onto them, or viewranger is a great free app to enable your smartphone to be used as a gps)  

- About the Serpent Trail Here are some links for background information about the Serpent Trail; Wikpedia,  South Downs National Park Authority, Long Distance Walkers Association.

Route Markings - The Serpent Trail is a permanent way-marked Trail with regular signage.  Below is an example of one of the markers.    The head of the snake and arrow shape of the triangle point in the direction of the trail.  

NEW for 2018! - The whole of the 100k distance will have extra race signage in addition to the permanent Trail markings to make route finding as easy as possible so you can just run!  

Serpent Trail Ultra Marathon sign.jpg