100k Kit List

- - UPDATED FOR 2020 - -

We want the Serpent Trail Ultras to be races where you do not have to carry lots of kit, with you running with a full pack and feeling like you are weighed down by it - but to give you the opportunity to run ‘fast and light’.

The Kit List takes into account the location of the Serpent Trail (ie Southern England, not a wilderness area, and with regular access in case of Emergency scenarios) plus the time of year with the races being held in mid summer. Though If you wish to carry extra items with you in addition to the list then you’re very welcome to.

 100k Mandatory Kit - to be carried by participant at all times

Waterproof Jacket (A windproof is not sufficient in case of bad weather or accidents, it must be a hooded jacket with taped seams.  There are many light weight waterproof jackets that are very similar in weight and pack size to windproof jackets, so need not be heavy or take up much room in your pack)

Hat (Buff style headwear acceptable, historically the races are very hot so a peaked hat is advised)

Foil space blanket or equivalent survival bivi bag

First Aid Provision - Sterile dressing and bandage as a minimum

Charged mobile phone (Keep it waterproofed in a plastic freezer bag or equivalent)

Hydration system with minimum 1 litre capacity (you can carry as much as you like; 1 litre is the minimum capacity of your hydration system / bottles we ask you to have)

Folding cup to be used in checkpoints (if you are using bottles then these can be used in the checkpoints instead of an extra folding cup)

Basic nutrition (to be supplemented via Checkpoints)

- Serpent Trail pamphlet (this is supplied to you at registration)


It is unacceptable to participate in the race without the specified kit.  Disqualification will be the outcome should you not have the correct kit.  

See our links to the Mens and Womens Salomon Trail Running clothing HERE!

Drop Bag - The 100k race has a drop bag.  These are supplied at registration and are large plastic sacks.  They are at the 30 mile checkpoint at Petworth and it is up to you what you have in them to access during the race, but to help;

Items for consideration in drop bag -

Headtorch - If you are expecting to finish in darkness YOU WILL NEED A HEADTORCH! You can pick this up from your drop bag, this is NOT a mandatory piece if kit, but be realistic and err on the side of caution - it is dark around 10pm on race day and you will not have much fun if you are out on the route without a head torch, especially when you are at your most tired after a long day…

Waterproof Trousers 

- Spare baselayer top

Blister kit



- Suncream

Other spare clothing

Vaseline/anti-chafing gel etc

Individual nutrition requirements / choices.  Use CP’s to supplement but it can be a good idea to take some of your own preferred food to pick up from your drop bag.