100k Kit List

The 100k is a long race and requires some essential kit to be carried by the participants, but we do not want to weigh you down with full kit on a hot summer day with a stable forecast, likewise, the weather could be bad or turn during the race.   

It is unacceptable to participate without the specified kit for your race.  Disqualification will be the outcome should you not have the correct kit.  At any point of the race or at the finish line you may be asked to show you have the correct kit, and we will do a basic kit check at registration.

Drop Bag - The 100k race has a drop bag.  These are supplied at registration and are large plastic sacks.  They are at the 30 mile checkpoint.

ALL of the kit in both lists is MANDATORY for you to bring to the race.  

The first list is kit each participant has to carry at all times.  

The second list is the extra kit to have packed in the drop bag so you can pick it up during the race.   This way of utilising the Drop Bag means you can access a good level of back up / safety kit during the race should you need it, but aren’t forced to carry it the whole time. (If the weather is bad you can of course carry with you whatever items you wish from the ‘Extra Kit’ list for the duration of the race, ie waterproof trousers for example…)

100k - Mandatory Kit to be carried by participant at all times

- Waterproof Jacket (Windproof not sufficient, must be hooded jacket with taped seams)

- Hat (Buff style headwear acceptable)

- Foil space blanket

- First Aid Provision - Sterile dressing and bandage as a minimum

- Charged mobile phone (Waterproofed in plastic freezer bag or equivalent)

- Hydration system with minimum 1 litre capacity (you can carry as much as you like; 1 litre is the minimum capacity of your hydration system / bottles we ask you to have)

Folding cup to be used in checkpoints (if you are using bottles then these can be used in the checkpoints instead of an extra folding cup)

- Basic nutrition (to be supplemented via Checkpoints)

100k - Extra Kit list - These items can be packed however you wish throughout your running pack OR drop bag but are MANDATORY for you to bring and have available during the race.  (ie You do not necessarily need to carry this kit with you, but must have it in your drop bag so you can pick it up at halfway in the race SHOULD you need it)

- Waterproof Trousers (Windproof not sufficient, must have taped seams)

- Windproof jacket

- Spare baselayer long sleeve T shirt

- Spare baselayer short sleeve T shirt

- Headtorch - Emergency headtorch like Petzl e-lite acceptable, though if participant is expecting to be finishing in darkness a more suitable headtorch is advised, to be picked up from Drop Bag at halfway point.

- Blister kit

Recommended additional items for consideration in drop bag;

- Socks

- Shoes

- Suncream

- Other spare clothing

- Vaseline/anti-chafing gel etc

- Individual nutrition requirements / choices.  Use CP’s to supplement but it can be a good idea to take some of your own preferred food to pick up from your drop bag.