Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we need to have a waterproof jacket for the 50k if it is a hot sunny day? No. As the kit list states, you can have a lighter weight windproof if the forecast and conditions are fair. Ponchos & Bin Bags do NOT qualify.

  2. Do we need to carry a litre of water between each checkpoint? No. You must have 1 litre hydration system CAPACITY, whether you choose to fill it up between each checkpoint is up to you. The weather conditions, time of day, fitness etc etc can affect how much you drink. Also as the race goes on you will probably want to drink more in the latter stages. Historically the race has been on a VERY hot day.

  3. Will there be more checkpoints / water stations if it is a hot day? No. The support along the route is carefully planned and spaced out regularly to offer good support, plus being well stocked. There is ample food and drink in each checkpoint for you to take on with you to use on each leg between support points.

  4. Are there Toilet and wash facilities at the venue? Yes. The Rugby Club has good changing facilities which are open throughout the event weekend including through the night.

  5. Are Dogs allowed? No. Unfortunately we don’t allow to dogs to run with you. Also as the camping is on the pitches of the Rugby club they cannot camp on site with you either.

  6. Can I run with a buggy / wheelchair? No. Unfortunately the Trail is not suitable for this.

  7. I live near the start / I get travel sickness etc, can I register the night before (Friday registration) and meet the coaches at the start of the race, rather than using the event transport to the start? Yes - but only for the 100k and 10k races, and being there on time and in the correct place is YOUR responsibility! The 50k and Half Marathon races have start locations on private land and DO NOT have space for extra cars so the coaches we are using to transport you will be the only way you can get to these race starts.

  8. Are race numbers sent out in the post before the event? No. You collect them at registration.

  9. Will there be vegan options in checkpoints? Yes. There will be a limited selection of vegan friendly options, though we recommend that for any specific dietary requirements you bring a reasonable amount of your own favoured nutrition.

  10. I can’t make the race anymore, can I defer the place to next year? Yes; if it is before the deferral deadline (which is also the close of new entries date). After this date everything on the entry system is ‘locked down’ and we are busy with final plans and ordering supplies for the event and are regrettably unable to accept any deferral requests after this time. Places can only be deferred once, and must be ‘used’ the following year, without the option of a refund if they are not taken up.

  11. I’m worried I won’t make the cut off’s, can I carry on if I miss a cut off? No. The cut off’s are designed to be achievable with good progress and should be achieved with a mix of walking and slow running throughout the race. The 100k is more challenging so if you are unsure then try the 50k distance first as this has a longer time limit.

  12. What happens if I drop out or miss a cut off? We will transport you back to the race venue in one of our mini busses.

  13. I’ve had enough and I want to drop out…now what? We will ONLY pick people up from the checkpoints. If you want to drop out then you can only do so at a checkpoint. (This of course isn’t the case if you have a medical emergency and need assistance elsewhere)

  14. I have a Camper Van, can I camp? Yes, you can book your ‘pitch’ online and it is the same as a tent.

  15. I’d like to camp but I haven’t booked online, can I still camp? Yes, you can ‘edit’ your entry via your Si Entries account and add it before online entries close, or sort it out at registration.

  16. How do I get back to the Finish?* You run there. The venue is at Petersfield Rugby Club. This is where you arrive to, park your car and register, then everyone is bussed out to the respective start points and you run back to the venue.

    *(true story)