50k Kit List

This Kit List is Mandatory for you to carry with you during the race.

  • A lightweight Waterproof jacket - - OR - - a Windproof jacket. Be sensible, equip yourself according to the conditions and forecast for race day. (You do not need to carry a waterproof if it is good weather, an even lighter weight windproof jacket is fine; this is left up to you to decide)

  • Hat (Buff style headwear acceptable)

  • Foil space blanket

  • First Aid Provision - Sterile dressing, anitseptic wipe and bandage as a minimum

  • Hydration system with minimum 1 litre capacity (you can carry as much as you like; 1 litre is the minimum capacity of your hydration system / bottles we ask you to have)

  •  Folding cup to be used in checkpoints (if you are using bottles then these can be used in the checkpoints instead of an extra folding cup)

  • Basic nutrition (to be supplemented via Checkpoints)

  • Charged mobile phone (Waterproofed in plastic freezer bag or equivalent)

  • You will need a Headtorch for the 50k if you expect you may be out after dark - If you expect to be 11 - 12 hours or more then bring a headtorch as part of your kit!  This is NOT a mandatory piece of kit for the whole field.